Golden council has no intention of removing fountain

Despite a request to erect a new monument in front of the Golden Post Office, there is no intention to remove the fountain.

Council has made it clear that it has no intention of removing the water fountain in front of the Post Office at this time.

A few weeks ago, Tourism Golden suggested to Town of Golden council during a delegation that the location on 9th Avenue North in front of the Post Office would be a good place to erect a new monument, one that would coincide with Canada’s 150th Anniversary (and Golden’s 60th), which is the theme of the organization’s 2017 Golden Mountain Festival.

Contracted event organizer Magi Scallion requested that council consider removing the fountain and replacing it with something that fit the theme, perhaps a canoe. If council agreed, Tourism Golden would have then gone ahead seeking out grant money for the monument.

Since the request was made, members of council received some community feedback, and decided not to add it to the work plan.

There was also a letter to the editor published in the Golden Star from a resident who adamantly opposed the removal of the fountain.

If sometime down the road the Town considers changing or removing the fountain, it would begin with an extensive public consultation process.

Tourism Golden also requested a letter of support from Mayor and Council for their grant application to the Canada 150 Fund, which would help with various aspects of the May Long Weekend festival. Council agreed unanimously to send the letter.


Golden Star