Nuisance mosquitoes typically begin hatching in May.

Nuisance mosquitoes typically begin hatching in May.

Get ready, mosquitoes are on their way

Fraser Valley Regional District begins annual biting bug battle

Mosquito season is about to begin and according to a report presented to the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) it could be a busy year for bites, depending where you are.

The report states “nuisance mosquitoes typically begin hatching in May, when the Fraser River starts to rise during its annual freshet.”

It goes on to say it is too early to forecast how the snowpack will translate to mosquito populations for 2018, as available mosquito habitat will largely depend on the rate of melt and further precipitation accumulation.

However, early predictions are mosquito populations will be similar to 2017, which had relatively high mosquito numbers in certain hotspots – but overall was within the average range.

To combat the annoying insects, Morrow BioScience Ltd., will have six field technicians within the Fraser Valley to assist with monitoring and treatments.

The company has a new drone to use to test monitor and select aerial application of bacterial larvicide. The hope is the drone will reduce the use of costly helicopter applications, particularly over open areas of water such as the mosquito breeding sites of Hatzic Lake and Stave Lake.

The public are asked to call the FVRD’s mosquito hotline at 1-888-733-2333 to report a potential mosquito breeding site or to find out more information about treatment sites and timing.

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