A kitten plays with the drawstrings on a sweatshirt as folks take part in Yoga with Cats on Mats at the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven on Nov. 30, 2019. The roof at the shelter is in need of a partial replacement and a GoFundMe has been set up to raise money for the cause. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress file)

Funds needed to help build new roof over cats’ heads at Chilliwack animal shelter

Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven in need of $15,000 for partial replacement of roof

An animal shelter in Chilliwack is asking for the public’s help in getting a new roof over the furry heads of its rescued cats.

The roof at Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven needs to be partially replaced, but the bill to do so is out of their price range. They have since set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the cause.

“We have been having problems with the roof for quite some time. We have had a quote for this work and the price is far more than we are able to afford,” wrote Kristin Belyea, the organizer for the GoFundMe campaign. “In order to keep a clean and dry environment for our cats, this work must be done.”

Due to COVID-19, much of the fundraising dollars that typically come in to the shelter are simply not there. They have applied for a grant to cover the cost of the roof but have not been successful in receiving those funds.

“This last year has been difficult for everybody, including the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven. Our usual fundraising activities have been halted due to the pandemic. We rely on those fundraising dollars so much.”

The GoFundMe was created on March 6 with a goal of raising $15,000. As of March 24, they had managed to raise almost $2,500.

Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven adopted out more than 200 cats last year, a record number for the shelter which opened in 2003.

“Please help us to meet our goal to keep a roof over the kitties’ heads. Any amount will make a difference,” Belyea said.

To donate to the cause, go to GoFundMe.com and search for A New Roof Over The Kitties Heads.

The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society is dedicated to saving homeless cats, helping pets stay in loving homes, and cultivating respect and awareness for the rights and needs of animals.

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