Fuel shortage from New Hazelton to Telkwa

Fuel shortage from New Hazelton to Telkwa

Short supplies in B.C. had all stations but one in Smithers and one in Gitanmaax out of gas Friday.

The gas is back at stations across the valley, but things were a bit hectic for those needing to fill up for the weekend on Friday.

There were only two stations with gasoline left on Friday from the Hazeltons to Telkwa.

Petro Canada’s manager said Friday afternoon that the station would not run out of gas. She said it has a different supplier, Northwest Fuels Ltd. out of Prince Rupert, which was expected to refill the tanks Saturday.

Gitanmaax Food and Fuel was being resupplied by Northwest Fuels Friday evening and had gas available. Kispiox also had gas.

Every other station from New Hazelton to Telkwa without cardlocks said Friday they were out of all grades of gasoline. Diesel was still available, though it ran out on the weekend at Chevron in Smithers.

Kyah Food & Gas in Witset was set to get another shipment and had fuel again Saturday.

Issues at the Suncor refinery in Edmonton have caused shortages across western Canada, including northern B.C., for a couple weeks now.

–With files from Cassidy Muir.

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