Four Seasons Park could be in line for an upgrade based on a proposal by the Pleasant Valley Cattlemen’s Association. (Houston Today photo)

Four Seasons Park improvements sought

Cattlemen's association says park has agricultural showcase potential

  • Feb. 10, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Four Seasons Park could use some improvements and the Pleasant Valley Cattlemen’s Association wants to take the lead in having that happen.

It’s asking the District of Houston for approval for what it has planned to then go out and secure grants for the work.

Council, Feb. 2, provided approval in principle to the association.

“[Council] has directed staff to work with the association to ensure the District’s risks as the property owner are fully mitigated,” said District of Houston chief administrative officer Gerald Pinchbeck. “This would include confirming WorkSafe BC coverage, insurance, etc.”

The suggested project list as submitted to council for approval Feb. 2 includes upgrading the power and providing power outlets at more locations around the park, adding water hydrants and a livestock wash rack, putting a roof over the pens near the track on the north side of the facility, adding one more bleacher at the small ring and replacing old small animal pens near the main entrance with new ones.

“We would apply for funding from the Ministry of Agriculture, the regional district and Dungate Community Forest,” association official Lia Long indicated in a letter to council.

The association would also solicit in-kind donations and volunteer labour.

She said the agricultural community places a high value on the park and that with improvements it would become a prime location for agricultural-themed events.

“Comments from many participants are that it is one of the best locations for these events around,” said Long of events held by 4-H, the Pleasant Valley Horse Club’s May Day events and others.

Of note is the plan by the Topley 4-H club to host a three-day major event, depending upon the state of the pandemic, in July to show case beef, swine and horses and to have an auction.

“The 4-H club would like to work with other groups to eventually make the event a community fair and include loggers sports, a farmers market, perhaps even a rodeo or chuck wagon races,” said Long.

The cattlemen’s association itself staged an agricultural awareness event there in 2019 and wants to make it either a yearly or bi-yearly attraction.

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