Tree Farm License (TFL) 60 and Forest License to Cut A87661 are both located in central Grham Island with some parts of TFL 60 located on the southern portion of the archipelago. (Multiple Resource Value Assessment 2013/photo)

Forest Practices Board to audit TAAN Forest on Haida Gwaii

Tree farm license and forest licence to cut to be assessed

  • Sep. 14, 2021 12:00 a.m.

BC Forest Practices Board will audit the forestry planning and practices of TAAN Forest Limited Partnership on Tree Farm License (TFL) 60 and harvesting activities based on its forestry licence cut .

The board announced on Sept.13, it will audit TFL 60 and Forest Licence to Cut A87661, both located in central Graham Island, Haida Gwaii’s northern island, the week of Sept. 20.

BC Forest Practices Board is an independent overseer in the province that provides its finding to both the public and the government in order to further continue the improvement of forestry practices throughout the province.

The audit involves an assessment of all of TAAN Forest’s practices over the past two years since September 2019, Darlene Oman, of the Forest Practices Board, told The Haida Gwaii Observer.

“Our auditors go out on the ground, they take a look at the activities and they make sure that their doing everything your supposed to do under the Forest & Range Practices Act (FRPA) and the Wildfire Act,” Oman said.

Other activities being assessed are forest planning, forest stewardship plans, harvesting, road conditions, reforestation, silviculture and wildfire prevention.

The final report may come out as early as two months if there are no issues found in their assessment, however, if auditors find fault, the report may come out as late as March, Oman said.

TFLs are area-based tenures that grant virtually exclusive rights to harvest timber and to manage and conserve forests, recreation and cultural heritage resources on a specific are of land. A forestry licence to cut is a non-replaceable, small forest tenure that allows harvesting in a specific area over a short period of time.

TAAN Forest is a fully Haida-owned company that purchased TFL 60 from Western Forest Products Inc. in 2012 for a 25 year license.


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