Flurry of activity at South Cariboo Regional Airport

A small fire at Gustafsen Lake, lightning strikes get pilots in the air

There was a two-hectare wildfire at Gustafsen Lake, 35 kilometres west of 100 Mile House, that was in the monitoring stage on Aug. 30.

Cariboo Fire Centre spokesperson Sandra Wagner says the fire was started by lightning and was discovered on Aug. 26, and on Aug. 29, ground personnel had it 80 per cent mopped up.

Meanwhile, she says there were a busy couple of days at the South Cariboo Regional Airport at the 108 Mile Ranch late last week.

Thunder storms that rolled through the region sparked a few wildfires in the region and there were a lot of planes flying in and out of the airport during the aerial attack on those blazes.

Wagner notes that after the initial attack, planes were still flying in and out of the airport as pilots were patrolling to the region to see if they could spot any outbreaks.


100 Mile House Free Press