First administrative penalty issued

Surrey landlord slapped with administrative penalty

The Province has levied the first-ever administrative penalty under the Residential Tenancy Act against a Surrey landlord who failed to maintain his rental property despite numerous Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) orders.

The landlord has been issued a penalty of $115,000, including the maximum one-time penalty of $5,000, plus $500 per day for each of the 220 days he failed to comply with an RTB order. The penalty must be paid by May 15.

The act allows for an agreement to be reached that permits a reduction or cancellation of the penalty if the landlord meets certain conditions. Such an agreement has not been reached with the landlord.

Administrative penalty matters are between the provincial government and the person who is thought to have contravened the act or failed to comply with a RTB decision.

100 Mile House Free Press

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