Financial Plan goes to public

The town of Golden's Five-Year Financial Plan bylaw has passed its first reading.

The Town of Golden’s Five-Year Financial Plan bylaw has passed its first reading, but that doesn’t mean that all of council is happy with the document in its current state.

“I’m going to vote in favour of first reading so that we can get it out into the public,” said Coun. Caleb Moss, who was absent for most of the budget deliberation meetings. Although he indicated that there may be some items in the financial plan that he would like to see brought forward for discussion.

Coun. Bruce Fairley also voted in favour of first reading, but reiterated some of his earlier concerns with the plan.

“I still have some issues with the recreation budget, and I’m going to keep harping on that,” he said. Fairley also felt that the financial plan in its current state largely ignored the requests and priorities that were revealed through the age-friendly plan that was released last year.

A member of the gallery also expressed some concern with the financial plan, and the fact that the operational budget currently operates under a deficit. Former councillor Keith Hern said that the funds being used to balance the operational budget, should be in the capital budget.

He asked if council had a plan to remedy this, also stating that for such a complicated, strategic matter, he did not expect an answer on the spot, but would like one in the future.

The 5-year Financial Plan will now be made available to the public for input. The Town will also be hosting an open house budget consultation on Tuesday April 14 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Golden Civic Centre.


Golden Star