Faulty pipe adds to Aldergrove water delay

The Aldergrove water pipeline is delayed, again.

Another week, another delay in the completion of the East Langley Water Project.

It will be another couple of weeks at least before the water pipeline is operating, after assurances by Langley Township staff at the end of March that completely was just days away.

Another problem arose in a stretch of pipe between 244th and 248th Streets, said Kevin Larsen, Township manager of water resources.

There was a leak near 246th Street.

“They thought it was a due to an air bubble trapped in the line,” Larsen said.

But the issue proved to be a problem with a coupling.

Crews had to replace a part of the pipe.

Larsen said last week that the testing, cleaning, and final disinfection after the latest replacement will take about three weeks.

WestPro is still the primary contractor for the Township on the project.

“They’ve had a number of different subcontractors along the way,” said Larsen.

Several neighbourhoods along the route have already voted to hook up to the line as well. Local resident Joe Cindrich has raised concerns with council that with the size of some of the local water systems, there might not be enough pressure.

“Our engineers have assured us there will be enough pressure,” said Mayor Jack Froese.

The system is expected to come online in a few weeks.

Aldergrove will still continue to get some of its water from local wells, but the addition of Metro Vancouver water will cut the amount pumped from local aquifers, said Larsen.

Other parts of Langley also rely on blended water with some Township-run wells.

Because it has relied only on local wells, Aldergrove has faced watering restrictions in most summers, more severely than the rest of Metro Vancouver.


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