Volunteers from the ERA cleared 19 batteries from the Elk River recently. Pictured with the batteries are volunteers Kaileigh McCallum, Danica MacGregor and Alana Block. (Contributed by Elk River Alliance)

ERA recovers another 19 batteries from Elk River

The batteries were recovered from the same area volunteers cleared 14 batteries last year

  • Mar. 30, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The Elk River Alliance (ERA) has recovered another 19 batteries from the banks of the Elk River.

The batteries were embedded in the river bank near Elkford, in the same area that the ERA cleared 14 batteries from last year.

Executive director of the ERA, Chad Hughes said they had been tipped off there were more batteries, and five volunteers had rushed to collect them before the river rose to erode away the bank and drop more of the batteries into the water.

“The batteries appear to have been buried in the 70/80/90’s and are being uncovered as the river naturally shifts its course,” said Hughes.

“The batteries have all cracked open, so most/all of the sulfuric acid and liquids have been released to soil and likely leached out over the years, but the lead plates still pose a hazard as well as look unsightly.

“This is a good example of another addition to the cumulative impacts affecting the elk river. A few batteries on their own may not have a catastrophic effect on the river ecosystem, but every little negative impact takes it’s toll.”

The ERA welcomes tips from community members on issues that are, or could affect the health of the river. If you have any tips, reach out to the ERA at info@elkriveralliance.ca.

If any community members see any similar issues they think are affecting the river, they’re encouraged to contact the elk river alliance: info@elkriveralliance.ca.

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