Environment on agenda

A Lake Country councillor wants to know if more can be done to enhance the environment.

A Lake Country councillor wants to know if more can be done to enhance the environment.

Owen Dickie is asking council to direct staff to consider the goals of the Blue Dot movement and see if recognition of environmental rights can be incorporated into the official community plan review this year.

“I, like everyone, am concerned about the environment,” said Dickie of the reason for his notice of motion.

The issue arose after a recent presentation by some local residents about the Blue Dot movement.

“It’s important to take all of the old codgers on the council bench and support younger people,” said Dickie.

The Blue Dot movement, which is part of the David Suzuki Foundation, calls local communities to pass municipal declarations respecting people’s right to live in a healthy environment.

“Community by community, this movement will inspire decision-makers across our provinces and territories to take notice,” states the Blue Dot website.

“With so many communities calling for action from all levels of government, the next step is to have our provincial and federal governments follow suit and pass environmental bills of rights. Recognition in the Charter – the highest law in our country – is the final step in protecting the right to clean air, fresh water and healthy food for all Canadians.”

Dickie isn’t sure if the district can follow all of the Blue Dot initiatives.

“If the proposals are achievable, we will look at them. There will be things we can’t do (because of provincial legislation),” he said.

Dickie is also asking council to write letters to the provincial and federal governments calling for legislation that recognizes the rights of all citizens to live in a healthy environment.


Vernon Morning Star