A cleanup of the Endako Community Hall was held Saturday, July 31. (Angie Struthers Maciejko Facebook photo)

Endako Community Hall spick and span after end of July community cleanup

Inside and outside tidied after nearly two years of inactivity

  • Aug. 10, 2021 12:00 a.m.

More than a dozen community members supported by local businesses spent their last day of July cleaning up the Endako Community Hall.

The hall had been closed for almost two years, and a cleanup was long overdue.

Endako Hall Society president Ryan DeLong said he was surprised with the turnout being a long weekend and hot day.

“I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of help, but we did have 12 or 15 people show up all at once, and a few other stragglers that came in around that time,” he said.

“With nobody there for basically two years, there was some dust and some cobwebs to get out of there.”

One of the biggest takeaways from the day was Hurry Help Landscaping that had donated their time and equipment to get the field tidied that Delong said hadn’t had the grass cut for some time.

“Every weekend, we’ll be out there cutting the lawn and maintaining the grounds now that we’ve got it under control,” DeLong added with a laugh.

The cleanup was followed by a barbeque that was supplied by Clarence Bjornson Contracting.

DeLong said the Endako Hall Society that had an executive shift in which all but two members are new is open for new members and new ideas.

After living in the area for about 20 years, he is also new to the Society.

“Since the Endako mine closed a few years ago, it kind of shut down our little area here, and I knew that the hall society was either going to completely shut down or somebody had to step up,” DeLong said.

“So I got together with a few people in the area, and we decided to step up to keep it alive and try to rekindle it back in this area.”

The Endako Hall Society will be hosting a mud racing event at the Endako Rod and Gun Club from Aug 28-29.

A craft and garage sale swap is hoped to take place at the hall in early October.

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