BC Libertarian Party candidate Alex Joehl will be running in Langley East. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

BC Libertarian Party candidate Alex Joehl will be running in Langley East. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

ELECTION: Libertarian Alex Joehl to run in Langley East

Second provincial run by Murrayville resident

BC Libertarian Party candidate Alex Joehl will be running in Langley East.

“I really like being an option for people,” the Murrayville resident told the Langley Advance Times.

“I’m really, really excited to get this chance again.”

On his Facebook page, Joehl said he “will again be an option for liberty-loving voters, running for MLA as a member of the BC Libertarian Party.”

It is the second time that Joehl has been on the ballot in Langley-East, having run in 2017.

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Joehl has also run federally with the Libertarian Party of Canada three times, most recently in 2019 in Langley-Aldergrove, and also finished third in the mayoral race in the Township of Langley in 2018.

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Issues that he thinks should be priorities include the cost of car insurance.

“We [the BC Libertarian Party] would love to end the ICBC monopoly,” Joehl said.

The party would also legalize what it calls “multi-tiered health care,” legalize drugs to address the overdose crisis and improve policing by eliminating victimless crimes

As well, it would give students and parents more choice in education and make public schooling “more accountable.”

The party platform also calls for rolling back red tape for businesses, including “ending mandatory COVID19-related regulations.”

Joehl said that would mean eliminating what he called “overbearing, top-down” coronovirus regulations in favour of giving businesses more flexibility to deal with the pandemic.

“Basically we’re going to make it so businesses are in control over how they keep their people safe,” Joehl said.

The party would also liberalize home-building regulations to help end the housing scarcity in the Lower Mainland.

“Taking down some of the regulations that have spiked housing costs,” is how Joehl described it.

Joehl moved to Langley five years ago with his wife and son.

His campaign bio says “you’ll find him all over town, coaching youth roller and ball hockey, volunteering in the kitchen at the Gateway of Hope, or working at the Real Canadian Superstore, where he has been the Meat Department Manager since 2012. And though this former sports writer no longer is reporting on the local sports scene, you may run into him playing beer league hockey. Finding the BC Libertarian has given him hope that we can make a real difference in reducing the size of government and taking back our individual freedoms and live as freely as we all deserve.”

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