Former Lake Country administrator Randy Rose, left, is challenging incumbent Rob Geier in the Winfield ward.

Former Lake Country administrator Randy Rose, left, is challenging incumbent Rob Geier in the Winfield ward.

ELECTION 2014: Winfield race puts vocal former administrator against incumbent Geier

Disrict of Lake Country: In Lake Country's Winfield ward, Randy Rose has pushed the restructure issue forward

When former Lake Country administrator Randy Rose filed his nomination papers to run for council he said it was time he put his money where his mouth is.

A vocal critic of moves at Lake Country municipal hall for much of the past year, Rose has continued to preach that the restructuring within the district was a waste of as much as $1 million in severances paid out.

It’s become the biggest issue of the campaign in Lake Country with Rose and Mayor James Baker verbally sparring in the Winfield all-candidate’s forum and one resident blasting Rose’s reign as Lake Country’s administrator.

“I accept that I can be attacked for the fact that I have been very hard on the mayor and council over their decisions and what I see as the negative result in our community,” said Rose. “If one gives it, one must be prepared to also take it. I did indeed have a reputation for being hard-nosed with respect to some developers who chose to try to get around council’s bylaws.I enjoyed my career and worked for many excellent elected officials who valued my contribution, even with some bumps along the way”

Rose is running against long time teacher and incumbent councillor Rob Geier, who completed his first term on council over the past three years. Like the majority of the current council (only incumbent Lisa Cameron has come out opposed) Geier said he believes the moves at Lake Country municipal hall were needed and positions the district to move forward with more money to be spent on infrastructure in the future.

“Transitioning from seven directors to the current four directors may have cost us in the short term however I firmly believe we made the right choice for the long term,” he said. “We have created a culture in DLC where staff feel they have greater autonomy and are valued for their decision making. The goal is to use the savings from the business system review toward infrastructure development in the near future. I think we’re on the right track.”

As far as other issues that are key to Lake Country moving forward Geier says establishing  permanent location for the food bank and boys and girls clubs as well as pedestrian pathways in and around Peter Greer Elementary, improving safety on Okanagan Centre Road East and Robinson Road as well as re-aligning the Beaver Lake Road intersection are all priorities in Winfield.

“I care deeply about the youth and would like to attract more young families to the area by providing them with opportunities and amenities that suit young, active, contributing community members,” he said. “I feel we must continue to support our arts and culture and lifestyle by encouraging growth that compliments our unique community.

For Rose, he said he is prepared to transition from administrator to politicnas and will work to represent the ward of Winfield and bring residents concerns forward. Other priorities he has include improvements to roads and expanding sewer into older residential neighbourhoods.

“If I’m elected I won’t be snowed by the administrator,” said Rose. “I will get into the community to find out what people want and work hard to bring their issues back to council.”

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