Election 2014: Candidates make final pitch

City of Vernon: The Morning Star gives mayoralty candidates one last chance to reach voters before elections Saturday

  • Nov. 14, 2014 1:00 p.m.
The Morning Star will have breaking election results online at vernonmorningstar.com

The Morning Star will have breaking election results online at vernonmorningstar.com

What is the No. 1 issue in Vernon and why should residents vote for you as mayor?


On Nov. 15, vote for Victor Cumming with his refreshing combination of authentic openness, genuine humility, and deep service ethic.

He has 35 years of hands-on experience planning, facilitating, and implementing community activities spanning housing, recreation, cultural facilities, literacy programs, sports, and economic development to achieve tangible results.

He brings a unique combination of visionary planning skills and practical business sense that enables him to work with diverse groups to translate ideas into committed action with real financial boundaries.

He has the passion, experience, proven skill, and sense of humour to lead city council as a team. He is the one candidate who can enable Vernon to continue adapting to its rapidly changing environment, while pushing itself successfully onto the national and international stage in many ways. He has demonstrated lifelong commitment to building community health and vitality.

Vote for innovative leadership to recharge our economy and manage our finances by working successfully together.


My No. 1 issue is change, positive change. My No. 1 priority is economic development. We need to create an environment that supports our local businesses and actively promotes and enables businesses to locate here. This has many benefits to our community:

Increases the tax base and revenue so that we don’t always have to go to our citizens for more tax dollars.

Brings higher paying jobs to our community – making Vernon a place where local businesses can thrive and people support their economy.

These employment opportunities help young individuals and families of all ages become sustainable and keep them in Vernon to live and play here.

We need to create an environment that states “Vernon is Open for Business!”

I bring a fresh new approach. I am your voice. I am honest, dependable, approachable, open-minded and experienced. Vote for Morrow for a brighter tomorrow. For more, check out JamieforVernonMayor.com.


What is the No. 1 issue in Vernon? The No. 1 issue in Vernon after attending all the forums and responses from the general public is we need to act upon what many groups and citizens of Vernon want instead of talking about what we should do and spending more time studying what we may do, wasting money,  and not acting upon recommendations received. Future growth is necessary if we wish to keep taxes to a minimum.  We have to have a vision, a plan and stick to it!

Why should I be elected mayor? My experience in organizations and events is extensive, I am what people call a “doer,” I get the job done. I do not shy away from tough decisions, do not settle for mediocrity, and treat others as I would want to be treated. We have been a stagnant community for many years, Vernon needs an infusion of new leadership!  My record shows that I have been successful and am a people person.  My philosophy on business was “the customer comes first.” You, the residents of Vernon, are those customers!


The city has made many positive changes this term (our building numbers are up and we did receive the open for business award) but we still have a strong perception that it is difficult to do business here. I would have a meeting with developers and commercial realtors, to ask what they see as barriers to doing business here then prioritize and address these issues head on. We have several large capital expenditures coming towards our citizens this term. As leaders we need to ensure that we are providing our citizens with the best possible option keeping in mind the financial constraints many of our citizens face. We can achieve some of this by actively partnering with our citizens and non-profit groups to ensure that we are maximizing their efforts. Growth will also help broaden our taxation rates and allow us to provide more to our citizens without large tax increases.


The No. 1 issue for this city is economic development. If we don’t get more people working all other issues that were talked about during this election become unattainable or at least get pushed further into the future.

Everything is connected to the wealth of our community, whether it is a new art gallery, ice rink, a possible 50-metre swimming pool or an expanded museum, to name just a few of the items on the community wish list. To achieve this we must become very business friendly. My attitude will be, “How can we be of service to you? What can we do to help make it happen?”


I will have all applications for development and business copied to the mayor’s office and I will personally follow up on their progress. The door to the mayor’s office will always be open. I will aggressively follow all leads that will create jobs in Vernon.



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