EDITORIAL: Get out and vote

EDITORIAL: Get out and vote

Take time to cast a ballot in Vernon-Monashee, Shuswap, Kelowna-Lake Country and Westside

  • May. 7, 2017 3:00 p.m.

The almost never-ending provincial election campaign is coming to an end.

On Tuesday, British Columbians will head off to the polls to elect MLAs for their individual constituencies and ultimately a government and opposition.

While the writ only officially dropped a month ago, we all know the politicking began long before that, particularly as the Liberals and the NDP tried to out do each other with television advertising and promises that bordered on nothing but rhetoric.

Such antics obviously can erode public confidence in the political system and that could negatively impact voter turnout.

However, it appears that British Columbians, and especially in Vernon-Monashee and Shuswap, are interested in the election if the advance poll numbers are any indication.

But while the advance polls are positive, the real action will be Tuesday.

We would urge all residents of voting age to take part in the democratic process, because, warts and all, it’s one of the very few opportunities where rank and file citizens can have a direct role in their government and the future of the province.

Critical to voting, though, is being informed.

Before casting a ballot, take time to learn more about the candidates running in your constituency and where they stand, and the task has never been easier through social media, including The Morning Star website, and the traditional newspaper. And if you still have questions, e-mail or Facebook the candidates. The technology allows that relationship to develop.

Cynicism is easy to give in to, but the outcome of Tuesday’s election is serious and warrants your attention.

Vernon Morning Star