Trash is a problem in many parts of the North Okanagan. (Aidon photo)

Trash is a problem in many parts of the North Okanagan. (Aidon photo)

EDITORIAL: Clean your trash up

Residents need to be responsible and not leave their garbage behind

  • Apr. 23, 2017 6:00 a.m.

It’s spring and that means many people are out in their yards getting ready for the season or cleaning out closets inside the house.

However, one area is obviously being neglected and that’s the natural environment around us.

As we drive around in our vehicles or go for a walk, garbage is being dropped either accidentally or intentionally.

It was a situation facing Greg McCune, Enderby’s mayor, as he spent part of April 14 picking up garbage along Highway 97A with his son and two friends.

“I was shocked. It was unbelievable the amount of styrofoam and plastic,” said McCune.

The original goal was to cover the area from Enderby to Armstrong, but the group only got as far as the Starlight Drive-In. Over five hours, they filled two pickups with trash.

“It was incredible. There were kitchen tables and someone cleaned out their kids’ playroom – colouring books,” said McCune.

The garbage not only creates a hazard for the environment, but it takes away from the aesthetics of this beautiful region we call home.

If you are hitting the road in your truck, be aware of items in the box and ensure they are secure so they can’t fly out. And if you are out for a walk, pack any trash home with you instead of abandoning it along the way.

Consider that while you are emptying cupboards inside your residence or raking in the yard, the North Okanagan is also your home and deserves respect.

Vernon Morning Star