Draft sign bylaw approved

A draft version of the new Smithers sign bylaw has been approved for a public presentation on April 19.

Draft Smithers Sign Bylaw by The Interior News

Note: The displayed sign bylaw was amended to allow open signs only on the interior of windows, and to move section 10 on sign permits closer to the beginning of the bylaw.

A draft of the new sign bylaw was approved and will be presented to the public at an open house on April 19 from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at town hall. Written comments are also being received until noon that day.

Town planner Alison Watson presented the draft for approval at last Tuesday’s council meeting. She took into consideration surveys completed by 411 residents.

“So there were a couple overarching themes … from the public input phase,” Watson told council.

“The first was a clear, continued support for an alpine theme that does regulate signs, but one that is evolved to provide more room for a contemporary approach, or interpretation and creativity from the business community.

“So this is a move away from fonts that are a certain size, or serifed or not, moving away from those very fine details.”

Core elements were the focus, including sign material, lighting and size. But what most business owners and residents wanted to know, admitted council and staff, was what is permitted.

The new rules, scheduled to be adopted by June at the latest, are not set to be immediately applied to current signs.

“Your sign can stay, provided it does not cause unlawful obstruction or pose a hazard,” said Watson.


For more, including new proposed rules on enforcement, read the full story in the March 30 edition of the Interior News.

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