Delta has enacted a tough new tree preservation bylaw.

Delta has enacted a tough new tree preservation bylaw.

Delta tree bylaw now more bite than bark

The municipality has revamped its tree protection bylaw to keep it in line with other Metro Vancouver cities.

Delta has rewritten its tree bylaw to better ensure green spaces are kept intact.

At a special meeting of council on Wednesday (May 27), Delta council adopted the Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw.

The new bylaw contains provisions for harsh penalties, particularly around compliance.

Delta council can reject a builder’s development applications for two years if the builder is found to have cut down trees in violation of the bylaw.

In addition, people applying to cut trees will now pay more for multiple trees. The $2,000 maximum has been removed.

The new bylaw also requires that five replacement trees be planted for every tree cut or damaged without a permit.

Bylaw No. 7415 has several similarities to Surrey’s tree preservation bylaw, which was created about 10 years ago.

Delta’s new rules require that a tree-cutting permit be conspicuously displayed during tree removal on the property where the tree is being cut.

It also requires two replacement trees for every tree cut, or $500 cash in lieu.

Delta says the changes will help ensure the municipality is in line with other Metro Vancouver cities regarding tree protection.

Officials claim it is one of the most stringent in the region.


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