Const. Jason Martens (left) receiving his Chief Constable Condemnation at the Feb. 1, 2018 Delta police awards for his work in helping a teen girl in crisis on the Alex Fraser Bridge. (Contributed photo)

Const. Jason Martens (left) receiving his Chief Constable Condemnation at the Feb. 1, 2018 Delta police awards for his work in helping a teen girl in crisis on the Alex Fraser Bridge. (Contributed photo)

Delta officers, residents honoured at police awards

The annual ceremony saw 29 individuals given awards for their dedication to policing

Helping a teenager in crisis on the Alex Fraser Bridge, rescuing a woman held hostage at knife point, investigating a nephew who defrauded his 92-year-old uncle of $300,000 — for some Delta police officers, it’s all in a day’s work.

On Feb. 1, the Delta police department honoured the individuals who went beyond the call of duty to keep the community safe. In total, the department gave awards to 29 different people, including police officers, volunteers and members of the public.

“On a daily basis Delta Police officers, staff, volunteers and citizens contribute hundreds of hours to public safety,” said Chief Neil Dubord. “This ceremony was about recognizing their exceptional accomplishments, and saying thank you.”

The highest honour, the Chief Constable Commendation, was given to Const. Kevin Boyce, Const. Jason Martens, Const. Rob Kennett and Const. Gordy Gill for what the department called an act “of exceptional courage, including risking their personal safety.”

On April 16, 2016, the Delta police department received a number of calls about a teenage girl sitting on a railing halfway across the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Const. Boyce arrived on the scene first, saw her climb to the outside of the railing. He started talking to her to keep her attention on him while other officers arrived. Constables Martens and Kennett then arrived. The girl took her hands off the railing, but was grabbed by the three officers, who attempted to lift her back over the railing.

She struggled against them, and Const. Gill came and helped the other officers bring her over. Within seven minutes of the first call to the department, the four men had taken the girl into custody.

These weren’t the only members of the department to be honoured for their work in North Delta.

Sgt. Ben Bruneau and constables Vince Neudorf, Mathew Taylor, Nilo Diguangco, Taylor Armstrong, Harprit Hair, Steve Bentley and Kristine Pemberton were given the Deputy Chief Commendation for their efforts in rescuing a woman held hostage at knife point on Scott Road.

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On May 17, 2016, Delta police received a number of calls about a probation officer who had been taken hostage at knife point by a 49-year-old woman. The suspect was known to police, and had a history of violent mental health-related interactions with police.

After evacuating staff at the probation office on Scott Road, police conversed with the suspect through a locked door. Eventually, police breached the door, distracted the suspect and formed a human shield around the probation officer. They evacuated the hostage and took the suspect into custody. There were no injuries to the hostage, the suspect, or police officers.

For quick planning and definitive action, the Platoon C members were given the award. Constables Bentley and Pemberton were not part of the platoon, but received the award for their history of working with the suspect regarding her violent incidences in their role in the Community Health Intervention Partnership.

A full list awards and their recipients can be found below.

Chief Constable Commendation

Teen in crisis on the Alex Fraser BridgeConst. Kevin BoyceConst. Jason MartensConst. Rob KennettConst. Gordy Gill

Deputy Chief Constable Commendation

South Delta fentanyl overdoseConst. John Smith

DPD Soccer CampConst. Aaron Hill

Project StarboardSgt. Jill LongSgt. Gwen Vaughan-SmithConst. Martin LevangieConst. Rob SemlerConst. Chris WardConst. Sean CessfordConst. Scott FormbyConst. Ken KirkConst. Ryan Masales (Abbotsford Police Department)

Forcible ConfinementSgt. Ben BruneauConst. Vince NeudorfConst. Mathew TaylorConst. Nilo DiguangcoConst. Taylor ArmstrongConst. Harprit HairConst. Steve BentleyConst. Kristine Pemberton

Inspector Commendation

Fraud and elder abuse caseConst. Dustin Classen

Tableau development and implementationCandace DanielsonJody Johnson

Volunteer of the Year Award

Tsawwassen CoPs volunteerJoyce Marshall

Delta Police Outstanding Citizen Award

BC Ferries Chief Officer involvement with female in crisisRoy Hicks

Female in crisis at Ladner WaterfrontKarn Shergill

Patrol Officer of the YearConst. Kathy Bauman

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