Cultural plan moving ahead

A direction is taking shape for Greater Vernon’s cultural vision

A direction is taking shape for Greater Vernon’s cultural vision.

Members of the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee met Thursday to discuss development of a long-term cultural plan.

“We are focusing on what we have now and how to bring it into some kind of structure,” said director Doug Dirk.

It was decided to support the implementation of plan development within existing resources for community arts and culture programming and cultural conservation and exhibition.

But GVAC will only deal with independent, non-profit societies through contracts and it will only provide facilities and not direct programming.

“What is the regional district’s role in supporting cultural services in the community?” said Tannis Nelson, community development co-ordinator.

One of the issues that arose during the discussions was taxation and the residents ability to support culture.

“We have to look at public capacity, because without public capacity, you don’t know what you can fit in,” said Dirk.

“If you have no boundaries, it will grow and grow.”

Director Catherine Lord indicated that moving in a different cultural direction could restrict funding for existing initiatives.

“If we go for an art gallery within the same (financial) envelope, something has to drop off the table,” she said.

With the committee’s focus on guidelines for existing cultural services, there was no discussion Thursday about a new art gallery or museum.

“The contemplation of new facilities is not going away but that will come when it comes,” said director Bob Fleming.





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