Cruise ship hits tow near Race Point

No one was hurt following a collision on the water just north of Campbell River

No one was hurt, but some aluminum fish pens are pretty beat up after a cruise ship hit a tow on Friday night.

The incident occurred near Race Point, just before Seymour Narrows, around 10:30 p.m., said Phillip Hawkins, Coast Guard officer-in-chief of the Cape Palmerston.

“The cruise ship was gone by the time we got there…and the matter is still under investigation,” he said Monday.

According to Hawkins, both vessels were northbound when the 715-foot Rhapsody of the Seas ran across the fish pens being towed by the 50-foot Nanaimo Flyer.

“It was a big, long tow,” said Hawkins.

Boat Fire

The Coast Guard was also called out Monday, around 6 a.m., to investigate a burning boat on the beach just south of Kelsey Bay.

The fire was out by the time the crew of the Cape Palmerston arrived and no one was in the area.

“It was a bit odd…the boat’s registration didn’t pan out,” said Hawkins. “The RCMP was also involved and we did a thorough search of the land and water to see if there was anyone around or injured.”

The 25-foot fibreglass pleasure boat was found pushed up on the beach.

The bow was burned, but the fire went out before reaching the stern area.

Hawkins said the boat doesn’t appear to be derelict, however, it wasn’t in running condition.

“No one seems to know where it came from,” he said.

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