Crows continue to pester shoppers high above Cloverdale parking lot

Crows continue to pester shoppers high above Cloverdale parking lot

SURREY — Many movies have been shot in Cloverdale but The Birds wasn’t one of them.

But if there’s a remake of that classic 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film, the film crew may just set up shop in the parking lot of Clover Square Village.

High above that shopping centre’s stores, two crows are making menaces of themselves – again.

“They’re vicious little things – I’m scared of them now,” said Tricia Lawrence, who has been attacked five times in the past few weeks. “The last time, it got me twice… I screamed like an idiot.”

She says the pub’s customers are always joking and laughing about the crows over a cool one.

Signs like this are posted throughout the parking lot of Clover Square Village, where crows are menacing customers. (Photo: BEAU SIMPSON)

Rusty’s Pub assistant manager Holly Speers says the crows are nothing new to the shopping centre.

“They were here last year and you could actually watch them dive bomb people from inside the pub,” said Speers.

Liz, the manager of Taco Bell, says the crows have been causing problems for about three weeks. She says the crow’s tried to get her once.

“But I learned to park in the back.”

Clover Square Village caretaker David Tung said it’s illegal to move the crow’s nest without a permit.

“They’re swooping at people but we can’t move the nest,” he said Thursday afternoon as he took photos of the crows with his cell phone. 

Under the BC Wildlife Act, crows are afforded full protection and their nests or eggs cannot be moved or destroyed without a permit.

When contacted late Thursday afternoon, Colliers International’s Surrey office said it would look into the situation and call the Now back with information.

One passerby offered a suggestion on how to deal with the crows.

“Bring a hawk in. That’ll get rid of them.”

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