Creating affordability and opportunity are top two issues for North Island Green candidate

What are the top two issues in the province and how do you and your party plan to address them?

  • May. 4, 2017 5:00 a.m.
Creating affordability and opportunity are top two issues for North Island Green candidate

I believe the top two provincial issues are affordability and the opportunities in the new economy.

Improving affordability involves creating a secure environment for people that ensures their health and essential needs are met without being stigmatized. This means addressing income, food security, and affordable housing.

We will implement measures to support livable incomes and to address the deficiencies in real estate and housing, as well as in government services like hydro and insurance, that contribute to the lack of affordability.

A BC Green government will move toward for liveable incomes, establish fair wages and low-income supports and abolish regressive MSP premiums. We will return BC Hydro, Ferries and ICBC to true crown corporations working for the people.

We will invest significantly in affordable housing, and address speculation and prices to increase opportunities for home ownership.

Our emphasis and investment on prevention, health promotion and healthy lifestyles will ensure people can improve and maintain their health to be vibrant participants in local communities and economies, and our investment in health care improves access when and where care is needed – because we will increase the number of local jobs in health care.

The Greens recognize that economic opportunities are essential for people, and our sustainable economy proposals are designed to seize opportunities for innovation, efficiency, value-added and intrinsic benefits by promoting stewardship and sustainable use.

The BC Greens will invest more than any other party in a Lifelong Learning strategy to prepare every generation for the realities of the jobs and economy of the 21st century. A Green economy supports health and well being in multiple ways. It creates new, well paying jobs, which will provide income security for British Columbians. It will lead to a cleaner, healthier environment. It will reduce waste and encourage more efficient use of resources. It will enhance industry productivity and promote exports. It will promote food security and support our greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

A BC Green government will capitalize on the opportunities presented by a changing climate by promoting investment in clean technologies and transportation. We will grow the Clean Technology sector, maximize economic benefits from waste streams and promote green business. BC Greens will invest in post-secondary opportunities to give youth access to training and jobs, and to entrepreneurial activities.

Natural resources are the lifeblood of North Island communities. They are a major source of income and employment, however, development of resources without proper engagement with local communities, including Indigenous People, has been a major source of conflict. The Industrial Permitting and Environmental Assessment processes have been debased by the BC Liberal’s ‘get to yes’ policy and inadequate oversight and inspection cost millions in remediation after incidents like Mount Polley.

The BC Green Natural Resources Strategy focuses on truly sustainable development that happens with the consent of the local communities. Sustainable employment opportunities and the elimination of conflict will be a source of healing, and enhance health and well being in BC’s communities.

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