Cowichan Lake’s communities are a popular destination. (submitted)

Cowichan Lake’s communities are a popular destination. (submitted)

Cowichan Lake Chamber of Commerce marks Chamber Week

Worsley says the benefits of membership in the Chamber of commerce are wide-ranging

The Cowichan Lake region is thriving and the Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce is playing a key role in that success story.

“With support from our local governments and community residents, we will continue to grow and prosper,” said Katherine Worsley, Chamber manager and Visitor Centre coordinator.

“Certainly this will ensure that Cowichan Lake area is the best place to live, work, play, and shop local.”

Worsley says the benefits of membership in the Chamber of commerce are wide-ranging, going beyond the Lake Cowichan region.

“Joining your Chamber of Commerce links you with fellow businesses and provides numerous benefits associated with the local, provincial and Canadian Chambers of Commerce.

“Your Chambers of Commerce are the voice of business in your community, province and country.”

Members benefit from exposure at the very busy Visitor Centre; everything from showcasing their rack cards and their business cards to having information about their business on the big screen.

“The Chamber website receives hundreds of hits per month, thousands throughout the year. The Visitor Centre website is a new website that we are testing out, which links to our Google Business listing,” Worsley points out.

“One of the roles that the Chamber of Commerce has within the community is that of operating the Visitor/Business Centre,” Worsley says.

More than 35,000 people came into the building in 2019 to seek information from staff and the corps of volunteers that play an important role in the Centre’s operation.

“In addition, we met with 24,000 visitors at events such as Sunfest, the Youbou Regatta, and the Town of Lake Cowichan 75th Anniversary.

“We give out information regarding what to do in the area, where to stay, where to eat, where the best places are to hike, and what it is like to live here.”

As the full-time Visitor Centre coordinator, Worsley gets to work with part-time students and volunteers.

“This is where we get to organize and execute the Visitor Centre and Chamber’s activities to address community and business member needs as directed by the board. We also get to have fun while we work.

“We went on tour in June 2019 to familiarize ourselves with the Pacific Marine Circle Route, a route that brings thousands of visitors to us each year,” Worsley says.

The Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce was first organized in 1946 as a Board of Trade.

“We continue to be in business for business, and are proud to support community organizations and residents of the Cowichan Lake area,” Worsley says.

The Chamber plays an active role in all aspects of the communities around the Lake. They have committees to cover tourism, membership, community events and economic development. The Chamber meets on a regular basis with “business after business” meetings hosted by one of the members.

“We endeavor to have educational and informative meetings that allow for networking among our business community. Guest speakers are often a part of the meetings. Anyone can attend our Chamber meetings. For more information call the Cowichan Lake Visitor/Business Centre at 250-749-3244,” Worsley says.

The Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general economic welfare of Cowichan Lake through business in the surrounding communities, so that the citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper. All necessary means of promotion shall be provided and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civic, commercial, cultural and education interest of the area.

The Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce is a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As well, they meet on a regular basis with the other four chambers in our region.

Chamber Board of Directors

Brent Clancy, President

Jennifer Pollner, Vice President

Brooklyn Mann, Treasurer

Jim Humphrey, Immediate Past President

Kryshelle Langford

George Gates

Aaron Hamilton

Paul Jordan

Beverly North

Dick Orman


Mayor and Town Council – Brent Clancy, Jenn Pollner, Brooklyn Mann, Jim Humphrey

CVRD – Brent Clancy, Jenn Pollner, Brooklyn Mann, Jim Humphrey

CLCFC – Brent Clancy, Dick Orman

Lake Days Society – Dick Orman, Paul Jordan

Lady of the Lake – Pat Weaver, Kryshelle Langford

Community Services – Paul Jordan

Senior’s Association – Dick Orman

Four Chambers – George Gates

Heritage Days – Beverly North (Lake Cowichan) Dick Orman (Honeymoon Bay) Paul Jordan (Youbou)

Lake Cowichan First Nation – Aaron Hamilton, Brent Clancy

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