The Lakes Artisan Centre is in discussions with town council about the proposal of a new mural (Eddie Huband photo/Lakes District News)

Council to apply for zoning bylaw review and update

Allocated funds from Comfor reserve to go into project

  • Sep. 15, 2021 12:00 a.m.

In the Village of Burns Lake (VBL) town council meeting from Sept. 7, council motioned to apply to the B.C. Real Estate Foundation for a zoning bylaw review and update project.

The project is a review and retooling of the existing zoning bylaw due to issues that have been identified. Amendments haven’t been made to the bylaw since 2008. The proposal is to consolidate, amend and review the bylaw instead of completely rewriting it, and the review will address issues such as a backyard animal, housing options and other current zoning topics.

The goal of the project is for the VBL to undertake initiatives that support the development of a strong and diverse economy, including industry, commerce tourism as well as a vibrant downtown. The project is also meant to support housing inventory for the community as well as recreational opportunities that improve quality of life.

The budget for the project is $37,000. Half of the funds [$18,500] will be requested from the B.C. Real Estate Foundation, with the other half being allocated by the VBL from the community forest reserves. The reallocation of funds was also approved by council.

Development permit approved by council

A multi-family developmental permit applied for by Noel Fairley has been approved by the VBL, for his lot of land located at 375 5th Avenue in Burns Lake, between the village water towers and an apartment building. The permit is for the development of a multi-family complex, that includes three four-unit townhouses.

A two-tiered block retaining wall was also propose as part of the application to address the steep transition between the property to the East of the lot containing the apartment building, which will also accommodate terraced planting beds.

The development permit is not a building permit, and in accordance with the permit’s guidelines construction of the project must be completed within three years or the permit will lapse. The application stated that construction of two of the three units will begin this year.

VBL wants more options for Lakes Artisan Centre mural

The Lakes Artisan Centre presented a proposal for phase two of the painting of a mural, which will be located on the west wall of the storefront. Steve Wilejto, who recently painted a mural on the side of the Red Apple store in Burns Lake, is the executive artist for the mural.

The proposal for phase two involves using four panels as a painting platform due to the Lakes Artisan Centre’s vinyl sides, and each panel will have a different theme to represent life in the community. The VBL council motioned to request more options for the proposal, particularly the third panel which was proposed to include a mountain biker and a canoe paddler to represent healthy outdoor living.

The VBL council discussed requesting an option with more winter related sports included on the third panel to more reflect the year-round outdoor life in Burns Lake

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