Council quibbles over, okays, $350 award

Volunteer award has a rocky road to go through Parksville council

Parksville council agreed to sponsor a Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce citizen of the year award, but not without controversy over the $350 cost.

Councillor Al Greir said he supported the concept but didn’t want to support it financially, “we have to recognize what’s happening around the world,” he said.

“We have a huge infrastructure deficit, that’s our main mandate,” he said, explaining that in his many years with community groups he was always able to find the money without having to go to the city.

In October 2009 Greir did come to council for $5,000 toward the Cyclone Taylor Cup. Council held off on the contribution, waiting to see if the organizers could find the funds elsewhere, which they did.

“It seems like everyone’s looking for money, we’re giving away more and more,” Greir said.

“I can’t let that one go,” said coun. Sue Powell.  “Look at what we’re paying for.”

She said the award would go to a hard working community member who volunteers their time free for the city.

“It’s the right thing to do.”

With two councillors absent, the vote was four to one, with only Greir voting against.


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