Council considers housing plan

District: Eagle Pass Landing owners want to expand mobile home park.

With a new development proposal in the making, Eagle Pass Landing, the restaurant that fosters Sicamous’ past, could become history itself.

At the July 22 committee of the whole meeting, owners Dave and Linda Hare presented the affordable housing proposal that would remove the building altogether from the site.

“The purpose here this morning is to try to convince Alan (Harris), Steve (Noakes) and yourselves (council) that it’s a good idea to eliminate Eagle Pass Landing and replace it with expanding the Ridgeview Mobile Home Park into the Eagle Pass Landing property,” said Dave Hare, who, with his wife, owns the property adjacent to Eagle Pass Landing that houses the non-strata park.

By amalgamating the two properties, The number of units would increase from 16 to 28.

“There would be a significant increase in our revenue and it would make it a more viable park,” he said, noting the amalgamation would total 1.40 hectares.

“We’re not putting the cart before the horse when we ask council to give us an indication if they support the affordable housing alternative in the community,” he said, citing a $75,000 to $110,000 price range per mobile home.

“I have gone through the affordable housing strategy and I see no indications in there as to why the mobile home extension would be a problem in that area.”

Hare says, to his knowledge, all other local mobile home parks are at capacity, and the expansion would increase business for local retailers. He also promised to hire local contractors for the project.

Acting mayor, Fred Busch, asked whether the restaurant property would require rezoning, and about the current zoning of the properties.

Planner Steve Noakes told council the mobile home park is designated residential in the Official community plan (OCP) and is currently zoned commercial, while the restaurant property is designated future commercial, and currently zoned as commercial.

“What we’re looking at is an application for an OCP amendment, as well as rezoning the property to bring them in line. With the restaurant property designated commercial… staff doesn’t support the rezoning application because it would mean changing the OCP.

“Having said that, there is an application process to go through and certainly once the application is received, we can put all the information in front of council.”

Coun. Don Richardson voiced his approval.

“It seems to me this could be a viable project. Of course affordable housing is one of the issues there… I think in terms of changing the OCP, it’s the process  that  maybe ought to be the direction to take.”

Following the presentation, Coun. Lynn Miller asked if the matter could be added as a late item. Chief administrative officer Alan Harris replied there was nothing further to discuss at this time.

“He (Dave Hare) has been given direction in regards to making an application to rezone his property and to change the OCP – that has been communicated by staff on numerous occasions…  until he puts an application forth, he has given you his argument, and staff will do a report and wait in due process.”


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