Cougars, bears with cubs spotted

All sorts of animals are out and about, many with young

On Thursday morning Conservation Officers with dogs were looking for two cougars who were spotted on Sunflower Hill on St. Mary Lake Road. Sunflower Hill is part of the Kimberley Nature Park and within city limits.

Also on Thursday two bears with very young cubs were seen at the Marysville end of the Volksmarch trail.

It is time to start being very aware of your surroundings and attractants as animals are active in and around Kimberley and many have young to protect.

Deer are fawning now as well, and does can be quite aggressive. The fawning season generally runs May through July.

Report all negative wildlife encounters to: Conservation Officer service 24-hour wildlife hotline. Dial toll free 1-877-952-7277 or 1-877-952-RAPP. In an emergency dial 911.

While cougars generally stay to the edges of town and are  not easy to spot, the same is not true for bears.

Residents are reminded to manage their attractants, not just garbage but barbecues, birdfeeders, and as the summer progresses, fruit trees.


Kimberley Daily Bulletin