A cougar was spotted in Glenmore on Nov. 5 (File photo)

A cougar was spotted in Glenmore on Nov. 5 (File photo)

Cougar spotted in Glenmore

A cougar was spotted on the morning of Nov. 5 in the forest fringe area of Knox Mountain

  • Nov. 5, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Residents of Glenmore are warning their neighbours that a cougar was spotted in the Cara Glen Way area this morning.

One resident took to social media to sound the alert that while walking her dog she spotted the cougar on a trail near Caramillo Road.

Ken Owens with the BC Conservation Service said he was made aware of the cat but because it was sighted in the forest fringe area of Knox Mountain and displaying normal natural behaviour he did not attend.

“There is no public safety risk, but it’s always a good reminder that cougars live in the area and when people see a cougar they need to be aware and react appropriately,” said Owens.

According to Owens, merely seeing a cougar does not mean there is imminent danger.

“Watch the cougar’s behaviour and respond accordingly,” he said.

The BC Conservation Service has some tips for residents who may encounter a cougar:

  • Stop and pick up all small children immediately.
  • Do not run, sudden movement may provoke an attack.
  • Try to back away from the cougar slowly. Cougars will normally avoid a confrontation.
  • Always give a cougar an avenue of escape.
  • Stay calm, talk to the cougar in a confident voice. Maintain eye contact with the cougar.
  • Do not turn your back on the cougar. Face the cougar and remain upright.
  • Appear large, make yourself look larger than the cougar. Do not bend over or crouch down.
  • Be prepared bear spray, noisemaker and walking stick these can be used for protection in the event of an encounter.
  • Cougars can be attracted to dogs. So it is best to have your dog at home. If you do travel with a dog keep it close and on a leash at all times.
  • Carry a cell phone to call for help in the event of trouble.

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