Cost of collecting would have outstripped profit

In regard to the CVRD board deciding not to bill for the use of the “fast” electrical car charging station (there’s only one), there was much more to that decision than just deciding it was too early to do so. The question of paying for electrical charging, initially raised by Coun. Siebring of North Cowichan, was well researched by staff, who presented the following facts to the Island Savings Centre Commission:

Only one fast charging station near here requires payment, and that is in Nanaimo

Other charging stations in the region are free – (note there are no other fast ones)

The cost of collecting and accounting for the money would likely be more than we would realize if we did charge for the service and we would still be running it at a loss.

Had it been economically feasible and looked like it would have shown a profit, the decision may well have gone the other way. The decision was to leave the system the way it is for the moment and to re-examine this topic in two or three years, when the demand for the charging stations may be higher than what it is today.

Sharon Jackson, Chair Island Savings Centre Commission

Cowichan Valley Citizen