Conservative leaves race

Nels Harrington says he doesn’t have time to run in Vernon-Monashee

Conservative leaves race

There will be one less option on the ballot in Vernon-Monashee.

Just as the provincial election campaign gets underway, B.C. Conservative Nels Harrington has dropped out of the race.

“I’m finding it difficult to give this (campaign) the care and attention it deserves,” said Harrington, who owns a renovation company.

“I would have liked to have stayed in and played devil’s advocate and advocate about economics. There is mass privatization of public assets and there’s an indication that the P3 modeldoesn’t work.”

The only declared candidates in the election are the NDP’s Barry Dorval, Libertarian Don Jefcoat, Liberal Eric Foster and Green Keli Westgate.

Harrington hopes there could still be a B.C. Conservative candidate in Vernon-Monashee as nominations close Tuesday but admits they may not be a presence until the 2021 election.

“The B.C. Conservatives are building themselves. It will take some time to get to a point where they have a higher profile but it will happen,” he said.

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