Conn trial set to go ahead Sept. 15

Conn, the man who set fire to City Hall, is scheduled for trial by jury.

Andre Conn, the 32-year-old Grand Forks man charged with setting fire to Grand Forks City Hall on Sept. 19, 2013, is scheduled for a trial by judge Sept. 15 in Rossland Court.

Conn was originally set for a trial by jury but through his lawyer, switched to trial by judge.

Conn has been charged with break and enter, arson, possession of incendiary materials, and possession of break-in instruments.

The fire at City Hall caused extensive damaged and was classified as arson. On the morning of the fire, Grand Forks RCMP apprehended Conn, referring to him in a press release as a, “person of interest.” Conn was apprehended close to the scene of the fire.

Grand Forks RCMP Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison said it was a “very targeted incident” and that was how police investigators treated it.

City Hall had to be almost completely rebuilt at a cost of almost $1 million. That money is paid for by the city’s insurance.

The redesigned and rebuilt City Hall is expected to be open in December of this year in time for the first meeting of the new city council (Dec. 1).

This isn’t Conn’s first brush with the law. In 2012, Conn was found guilty of possession for the purpose of trafficking and fined $1,200.

Grand Forks Gazette