There are concerns about Canada geese congregating at Kin Beach in Vernon.

There are concerns about Canada geese congregating at Kin Beach in Vernon.

Complaints over geese take flight

Scott Anderson says there are too many geese at Vernon's Kin Beach

A Vernon official says something must be done to keep Canada geese from taking over local parks.

Coun. Scott Anderson says he’s been receiving complaints from residents about large numbers of geese at Kin Beach.

“They’re making a mess and impacting water quality,” he said.

However, Anderson would not speculate on what measures need to be taken, such as a cull, to reduce the population.

“There needs to be some mitigation,” he said.

Pete Wise, through his animal control business, has been trying to control geese at Kin Beach and Paddlewheel Park for years.

“From April to October, seven days a week at daylight, we’re on the beach and we’re running geese off with trained border collies,” said Wise.

Wise and his staff then return during the day and evening to monitor the situation and take action if needed.

Wise says one of the biggest challenges is people feed geese so they stay in the parks.

“The birds are not getting any encouragement to fly south.”

One of Wise’s staff also attempts to clean the fees up off the grass and sand.

“On a bay day, we can get a five-gallon bucket full (from Paddlewheel),” he said.

Wise is also involved in a valley-wide program that addles eggs to ensure new geese aren’t born.

“Addling is a long-term solution. You need to be patient with it,” he said, adding that he is confident that all of the programs are effective.

“We are holding the population.”

The city is currently involved in a water quality analysis to determine the source of feces in Okanagan Lake, whether it’s related to birds, dogs or people.



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