Comox council to look at speed calming measures at Point Holmes

"…We are waiting for a problem to happen if we don't act."

Comox council will further look at a troublesome traffic area in the Point Holmes area of the town. Photo submitted

Comox council will soon take a closer look at troublesome traffic in the Point Holmes area after members of the public reached out to council.

At the April 7 meeting, council received a letter from Rob James, the president of the Point Holmes Recreation Association. He voiced concerns brought forth to him about close calls between pedestrians and cyclists, parking and speeding in particular.

He suggested the idea of additional signage at the town limit just prior to the Cape Lazo campground all the way to the top of the hill on Knight Road. Additionally, he inquired about welcome signs at each end of the stretch of road, cautioning motorists about pedestrians and cyclists and the possibility of designating the entire ‘park’ area a 30km/hr zone.

“I don’t know what the big answers are to stop all of this speeding and eliminate the risks that we are seeing every day down there,” he added.

Coun. Maureen Swift complimented James on his suggestions and added the idea of a pilot project initiated by the town to look at lowering the speed limit.

“Point Holmes area might be a really good option for that. I like the idea of putting up signs of ‘Point Holmes Recreation Area’ – it might get people to slow down a little bit.”

Mayor Russ Arnott said he is aware that RCMP is monitoring the area regularly, and following a discussion with Insp. Mike Kurvers, Arnott is aware the area is an area of high priority for police.

Later in the meeting, Coun. Alex Bissinger suggested a notice of motion for speed bumps and other traffic calming measures at the Point Holmes area from the Cape Lazo campground to the top of the hill on Knight Road. Additionally, she suggested dashboards to indicate speed to drivers.

“This is getting to be more and more of a dangerous area – we are waiting for a problem to happen if we don’t act,” noted Arnott.

The notice of motion was passed unanimously and will return to council at a future meeting for a formal motion, discussion and a vote.

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