Community Association of Oak Bay conversation shifts to shoreline

Community conversation Stewardship of Oak Bay Shores is March 11

Building on a February nearshore conversation, the Community Association of Oak Bay shifts to the shoreline in its next Oak Bay Talks offering.

The significance of our shoreline is summed up even in its length, says CAOB member Rick Marshall.

“It’s at least 15 kilometres,” he said. “Our border with the Salish Sea is longer than our land border with Saanich and Victoria.”

A CRD GIS technician calculated the length of the Oak Bay shoreline as 17.5 km, not counting the off-shore islands, such as Mary Tod.

The Saturday discussion on Stewardship of Oak Bay Shores features speakers Jacques Sirois, Kris Nichols and a representative of Green Shores Working Group.

“They seem to be the organization around that’s doing this,” Marshall said. Green Shores offers workshops through UVic’s Continuing Studies in communities across Vancouver Island. They introduce participants to basic shoreline ecosystem principles and management practices, with emphasis on the purpose and application of the Green Shores rating systems.

Topics include an overview of shoreline ecology including threats and improvements, an overview of shoreline governance, and an introduction to the Green Shores program.

The community conversation Stewardship of Oak Bay Shores is March 11 from 2 to 4 pm. in Windsor Park Pavilion.


Community conversation shifts to shoreline

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