City’s first protected bike lanes open for use

City’s first protected bike lanes open for use

A number of new traffic patterns are in effect

The City of Victoria’s first protected bike lanes were officially opened Monday.

Dozens of cyclist took advantage of the new bright, green lanes. In addition to the physically separated bike lanes, there are a number of new features for both drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to watch out for.

There are new traffic signals for bicycles, painted green “turn boxes” providing dedicated space at intersections for cyclists to safely turn off Pandora and on to other streets, new bus stop locations on medians, reconfigured on-street parking, and new mid-block pedestrian crossings.

Right hand vehicle turns will no longer be permitted on red lights along the corridor or onto the corridor from southbound roads. There will be dedicated right turn signals for motorists.

New signage along the corridor and temporary traffic information boards have been placed on streets leading up to Pandora Avenue to help raise awareness about the facility.

The protected bike lanes are the first all ages and abilities cycling facility in the downtown core. The lanes are part of the city’s $9-million project to build five corridors of protected bike lanes by the end of the 2018.

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