Cawston Players present this weekend

"A Christmas Chaos" set to perform a three day run at Cawston Hall this weekend

This December Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 at 7 p.m. at The Cawston Community Hall you can witness the comical turmoil of pulling together Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the last minute.

Playwright Michael Wehrli has provided a riotous satire of what happens when the big city theatre company gets lost in Saskatchewan and will therefore miss their Cawston engagement.

Of course, the show must go on!  So, curtain up and light the lights on . . . mayhem.

The local script re-writer played by Dominique Dupuis is quite full of herself, Scrooge (Coretin Caro-Chambard) is a superb actor and he knows it. The Stage Manager (Jenna Sipponen) and Director (Amanda Elyzen) pass the buck like a hot potato.

Two youngsters (Esther Cottrill and Jazyme Bitner) duke it out to play Tiny Tim, and Bob and Mrs. Cratchit (Gabi Cursons) are a crack-up,

The Ghosts Past, Present (played by Melissa Barr) and Future (Jacquine Manet-Bobier) are quite mad, stage fright itself is a player, Huck Finn, Anne Shirley and St. Nicholas appear out of the blue (all played by John Butcher) and technical features are fully represented and completely out of sync.

Yet it all comes together in a comic romp with the rag tag company of players forging the classic A Christmas Carol as it has never before been ‘flung’ onstage.

In eight weeks of rehearsal sixteen members of the Cawston Players are falling all over themselves to make A Christmas Chaos a hilarious tour de force. The Cawston Post has called this much-awaited theatrical endeavor, a  “potential disaster with all the trappings of a smash hit”.

The play is two acts with one intermission. There’s a Special Sunday Matinee.  Refreshments will be served from the hall kitchen for all performances.

Advance Tickets are available at Similkameen Agencies in Keremeos and at The Cawston Marketplace. General Admission is $10 and for those under 16, just $5.





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