Burning sentence delayed because of scheduling problems

Sentencing adjourned after Crown counsel was double-booked.

Cheryl Wierda


The sentencing hearing for a man who lit another man on fire at a house party has been delayed after the Crown in the case was double-booked.

“It’s not Crown’s fault here,” said administrative judge Robin Smith after the court heard a member of the local

Crown counsel was scheduled to conduct two separate sentencing hearings at the same time Tuesday morning. “It’s our fault.”

The two men scheduled for sentencing are both in custody. Priority was given to the other case as the defence lawyer is from the Lower Mainland., the court heard.

A new sentencing date was supposed to be set for Mathew Sweet-Grant on Wednesday afternoon.

Sweet-Grant, 20, admitted to aggravated assault and assault to a weapon at his second court appearance in December on the charges.

Police have alleged he intentionally set an 18-year-old man on fire in December after the man passed out at a party in the 2500-block of Highway 97.

The 18-year-old victim received second and third degree burns to most of his back.

A second man, Joshua McWhirter, was also arrested in connection with the burning incident.

He was initially charged with aggravated assault, but this week a charge of assault with a weapon was added. He returns to court

today (Thursday).

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