Slack country this winter at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. (Photo by Konrad Scheiber)

Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue called out Monday night (Dec 28)

Successful Rescue on Hudson Bay Mountain

  • Dec. 29, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Two young skiers, who went out of bounds and found themselves in unfamiliar territory in a gully below the cabin colony area on Hudson Bay Mountain last night were quickly found.

With the help of one of the fathers, the Hudson Bay Mountain Ski Patrol and the Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue (BVSAR) winter response team, the boys were brought out unharmed.

“The two boys did many things right that led to a positive outcome,” the BVSAR Facebook page said.

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“For one, they had a communication device and were able to call for help, secondly, when they realized they were lost, they stopped moving, which made them easier to find.”

“They also remained positive and did not panic, and had a backpack that had extra clothes and food in it.”

“These are all important to remember, whether on a ski hill or in the back country to make sure you get home safely.”

The families of the boys were relieved.

“We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who mobilized to find the boys,” said family member Katherine Hcarb.

“Everyone from the 911 dispatch, to the cabin owners, HBM staff who organized so quickly and to the BVSAR who helped them out of the gully, we are so thankful.”

BVSAR also had a reminder for people.

“If you plan on going out of bounds, make sure you have the proper equipment and training to get back safely,” BVSAR said.

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