Bright light in Dashwood

Resident of Qualicum Beach area Locals add to global sightings of ‘swarm’ of lights

Brian Vike says he has received a rash of reports about fireballs and other lights in the sky recently.

Brian Vike says he has received a rash of reports about fireballs and other lights in the sky recently.

Even as residents of Central Russia were picking up the pieces from Friday’s meteor strike, another Dashwood-area resident reported a bright light in the sky in this area.

Houston-based researcher Brian Vike said he received a second report of the Feb. 6 sighting in response to a report of a strange green light in Tuesday’s issue of The NEWS.

“I believe we may have seen the same light from our bedroom, which appeared to originate from the sky,” said the report. It was around 11 p.m. or 12 p.m. at night. Preparing to go to bed, I was facing our patio door when suddenly our bedroom drapes lit up with a bright light illuminating our backyard and bedroom. My wife said, ‘what is that?’ I ran to open the drapes as the light faded. Going outside, nothing was visible in the sky (no aircraft sounds) so I assumed it may be a meteor or other anomaly. I looked in the local newspapers following this experience to see if anyone else reported it and noticed this article today.”

Vike noted the sighting is just one of an swarm of  reports of fireballs and other lights in the sky.

“In 2012 and now in 2013 I have been receiving an awful lot of reports over meteor and fireball sightings, many more than I have received before over the years. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe there is a lot more entering earth’s atmosphere. The meteor reports are sure coming in from all over the United States and here in B.C. for months. I have never received so many. They are coming fast and furious.”

For instance, on Feb. 14 alone, Vike received reports of amber coloured lights over Tampa, Florida, six bright orange lights over Brentwood, Tennessee, an unknown large red light hovering in the sky over the San Francisco Bay area, a round orange object that appeared to be on fire over Phoenix, Arizona and fireballs in the sky over Orlando, Florida.

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