Breathing class to offer huge sigh of relief

Workshop on proper breathing techniques comes to Campbell River

Thousands of people around the world have received relief from breath-related illnesses using a simple set of breathing techniques anyone can learn in a few hours.

Now Campbell River residents are being offered a three-day course in Buteyko Breathing, developed by a medical scientist and used successfully to treat asthma, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, even colds and the flu.

The weekend intensive course is offered Friday to Sunday, October 3 to 5, at River City Therapeutic Centre, 1720 14th Avenue.

The course is taught by Christine Bauman of Victoria, one of Canada’s leading breathing coaches, president of the international Buteyko Breathing Educators Association, and known on the Island as the Breathing Lady.

Breathing seems like the most natural of human activities, but, according to Bauman, in our busy world many people over-breathe or hyperventilate, just like some folks who eat too much or drink too much alcohol.

Proper breathing produces more energy, better sleep, clarity of thought and peace of mind. The Buteyko method is used in 15 countries around the world and has been clinically proven in medical trials at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

For more information about the Campbell River course and the Buteyko method contact Chris Bauman at 250-858-4211or or at


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