Bell-206 helicopter crash landed near No Name Lake

Pilot was lone occupant, suffered serious injuries

A Bell-206 helicopter (aka Jet Ranger) crashed hard near No Name Lake  northeast of Canim Lake and off the 7200 Road around 2:40 p.m. on Sept. 2.

The helicopter was owned by Far West Helicopters and contracted out to a mining company.

The experienced pilot was working with a drilling crew and was the lone occupant of the Jet Ranger.

According to reports, the pilot was attempting to land and something went wrong mechanically.

He was reported to be conscious and coherent with some chest pain complaints after the emergency landing.

Bill Yearwood, a Canada Transportation and Safety Board spokesperson, told media it appears there was a malfunction just before landing the helicopter, which fell short of the landing pad and crashed into a nearby creek.

It has been reported the tail end of the helicopter broke in half and there was significant damage to the front end during the crash landing.

Emergency health service vehicles responded to the crash site.

The pilot, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was airlifted to 100 Mile District General Hospital and then airlifted to Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops for further treatment.

Local resident Karen Sarver noted on Facebook that Sarvair Aviation was not involved in this incident.

The Transportation and Safety Board will be following up with the investigation.


100 Mile House Free Press