BC Hydro offers fridge buy-back program

Spare fridges cost B.C. homes $34 million a year in electricity bills

BC Hydro estimates there are secondary or spare fridges in nearly 40 per cent of homes throughout British Columbia.

These unused or underused fridges cost homeowners more than $34 million a year in electricity costs.

Refrigerators are one of the most energy consuming appliances in a home because they run 24 hours a day.

One fridge alone costs customers up to $90 a year in electrical costs to use. Almost 380,000 B.C. households keep an extra fridge.

Through the Refrigerator Buy-Back program, BC Hydro is offering to collect and recycle spare fridges free-of-charge for residential customers, and rewards them for it. Customers can save the expense of recycling an old spare fridge, and receive a $30 credit on their electricity bill.

If all the secondary fridges in B.C. homes were recycled, there would be enough energy saved to power all the homes in a city the size of Chilliwack for an entire year.

The Refrigerator Buy-Back program has collected nearly 375,000 fridges since it began in 2003. To register for pickup, customers can complete the fridge buy-back application by Googling bchydrofridgebuybackprogram.


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