Tessa Duncan (left) was busy selling cotton candy at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds with her friends Matty Lantz and Emma Wiebe on Friday, August 20. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

A sweet venture in Vanderhoof for Fort St James youth

Cotton candy machine draws in support

  • Aug. 23, 2021 12:00 a.m.

A young budding Fort St. James entrepreneur could be found at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds with several of her friends, where they spun sugar into sweet success.

The lineup was long for handmade cotton candy by 11-year-old Tessa Duncan, Matty Lantz and Emma Wiebe on Friday, August 20.

High demand for their product continued into the intermission of the two-hour freestyle motocross show featuring Vanderhoof pro riders Luke Wheeler and Jeff Fehr.

Duncan purchased the machine with its large, shiny metal bowl on a pink base online and was eager to put it to use.

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Her mom provided was on hand to give a close watch and support.

“I think it’s really good,” Duncan’s mom said. “She showed the initiative herself that she wanted to do it, so I think it’s great that young people are wanting to run little businesses and have that entrepreneurial spirit. I just wanted to encourage her in that and help her in whatever way I could so here we are.”

Duncan hopes to continue with her cotton candy business and sell the pure-sugar confection in Fort St. James at the farmers market as well as the upcoming fall craft fair scheduled to take place in November.

She has talked about getting a snow cone machine and said she’ll be saving up her funds from Friday by putting them into her bank account.

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