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Adrenaline-pumping thrills await at WildPlay Parks in B.C.!

Nanaimo, Victoria and Maple Ridge now open 7 days/week
No matter your appetite for adventure, WildPlay Element Parks’ three locations across coastal British Columbia are sure to satisfy! Photo courtesy WildPlay

What gets your adrenaline pumping?

Zipping treetop to treetop? Leaping from a bridge toward a rushing river below (bungy cord securely attached)? Or maybe testing your aim and strength with axe throwing?

No matter your appetite for adventure, B.C.’s WildPlay Element Parks are sure to satisfy! And with three locations across coastal British Columbia, your next adventure is rarely far away. Here’s a look at what you’ll find and how to plan your visit…

WildPlay Maple Ridge

Located along the road to Golden Ears Provincial Park – yes, it’s easy to incorporate two must-visit destinations into one roadtrip – Maple Ridge is open daily until 8 p.m. Activities for all ages include thrilling ziplines and high ropes courses, axe throwing and of course, the ever-popular WTF – What’s to Fear – Jump.

On the Classic Adventure Course, navigate three levels of obstacles of increasing height and difficulty, or add the Extreme Course for an additional challenge. Expect to take 90 minutes to two hours for the Classic and another 30 to 60 minutes for the Extreme Course.

While kids five and older are welcome on both Classic and Extreme courses, a specially designed Kids’ Course is an ideal jumping-off point for those from age five to 12.

WTF? Once you’ve mastered the Adventure Courses, take the What’s to Fear plunge from a 40-foot-high platform. Securely tethered to a jump line, all that’s left is to step off the edge…

WildPlay Nanaimo

The first WildPlay park and the one that inspired the rest, Nanaimo is a must-visit for adventure-lovers.

In addition to five levels of aerial Adventure Courses and dozens of ziplines streaking through the trees, Nanaimo is also home to a giant swing so fast it blurs your vision, and four lanes of axe throwing.

Oh, and one more attraction: “The legendary 150-foot Nanaimo River Bungy Jump.”

Choose from 16 bungy jump styles in six levels of difficulty, including the Swan Dive, Hover Drop, Corkscrew, Front Flip and Prop Plunge. Like surprises? Ask for the Jump Master’s Choice. This is the ultimate thrill-seekers challenge – after all, 265,000 jump veterans can’t be wrong … right?

If jumping off a perfectly good bridge is too big a leap, start with Nanaimo’s WTF Jump, a Zipline Tour or a ride aboard the Primal Swing, a 140 km/h thrill ride high above the Nanaimo River canyon. (Insider’s tip: Don’t bother styling your hair before you swing!)

Navigate obstacles of increasing height and difficulty on WildPlay’s Adventure Courses. Photo courtesy WildPlay
Navigate obstacles of increasing height and difficulty on WildPlay’s Adventure Courses. Photo courtesy WildPlay

WildPlay Victoria

Open daily until 8 p.m., WildPlay Victoria is just 15 minutes west of downtown, but transports visitors high into the West Coast forest with a variety of thrilling activities.

WildPlay’s three Adventure Courses – Classic, Extreme and Kids’ – weave through the trees, testing your balance, agility and nerve as you progress to higher and higher levels.

The exhilarating six-line Zipline Tour through the treetops is another must-do for many visitors, or take a test-run before a bucket-list bungy jump trip to Nanaimo on Victoria’s 40-foot WTF Jump. We know you can do it!

Round out the day with your feet firmly planted on the ground at the axe-throwing lanes.

Time to plan your wild, West Coast adventure? Visit to reserve your space and learn more.

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