Speeding up the connection

The Ultimates Singles Social Club brings speed dating back to Vernon on Jan. 31

The Ultimate Singles Social Club brings speed dating back to Vernon Jan. 31 with an event for singles ages 45 to 60.

The Ultimate Singles Social Club brings speed dating back to Vernon Jan. 31 with an event for singles ages 45 to 60.

The Ultimate Singles Social Club brings speed dating back to Vernon Jan. 31.

“This is a great way to start 2015 and meet all these new people,” said Guy Bailey, event coordinator for the club, which has a variety of social and recreational events throughout the year, 344 since it started just over two years ago.

The speed dating event is limited to 12 to 15 men and the same number of women, who spend seven minutes each with each other, then mark who they would like to have their contact information. There is a social event afterwards for people to get to know each other in a less rushed way.

The next morning, Bailey goes through the responses, ladies first, and gives out information only with the participants’ consent.

“Then it’s up to them. I suggest a coffee date for a start,” he said.

Helping people find love is a labour of love for Bailey, whose day job is forestry consultant.

“People say they want to meet someone but it’s too hard. I say, ‘Come out to speed dating or any of the club events and make some new friends, maybe that special one.’ I find that people make other friendships with people who share their interests as well,” said Bailey.

“People tell me they’re so grateful for the events because they go out and try things they would never do on their own. They bring their friends, and with 288 members there is always someone new to meet.”

Ultimate Singles Club events, which are arranged by age groups, include activities like movie nights, wine tours, walking, bowling, curling day and overnight trips, paddle boarding, cooking classes, beach volleyball and pub nights, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

“I like seeing people come for the first time and maybe they’re hesitant but they increase in self esteem and start to enjoy themselves. I think attitudes to things like singles clubs and speed dating and wanting companionship at any age have changed a lot,” said Bailey.

“Sometimes people come out of long- term relationships and they’re afraid they’ll be single for the rest of their lives. I tell them that’s their choice but they are the only ones who can take that first step to go out.”

Bailey has attended speed dating events as a participant in other centres so he knows what it’s like.

“You’ve got only seven minutes and you can get through that and if you want to talk more to someone, there’s the social event afterwards. We have to break our patterns and try something different to have something new happen and have a new life. It’s all possible.”

Ultimate Social Club speed dating for singles ages 45-60 takes place Jan. 31 at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are limited and cost $35 each which includes the social event afterwards. The location is told only to ticket holders. There will be other speed dating events for other age groups if there is interest. For more information and tickets call 250-938-4412 or email ultimatesocialclub@gmail.com. For information about club events see www.ultimatesocialclub.com or www.meetup.com.



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