Some kids have all the fun

Martha Currie Elementary School wins a fair – no, really.

  • Nov. 12, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Martha Currie Elementary School has won the $10,000 Ultimate Early Bird Fun Fair Giveaway.

Last June, Martha Currie registered for the Jump Around Days school district-wide fundraiser during a benefit drive and was automatically entered into the draw.

Jump Around Days will be arriving at Martha Currie Elementary during the fun fair season of 2015, loaded with $10,000 worth of inflatables.

“A fun fair of this size is unheard of in North America,” said Silvan McCalla, director of communications and co-founder of Jump Around Days. “Our focus is to give the schools in our backyard (the Greater Vancouver area) something to really look forward to.

“By injecting energy into the school system and implementing school campaigns designed not only to excite the students and staff, but to give the schools what they need and to show the schools increased value is what we pursue day in and out.”

Surrey Now Leader