Safety tips regarding food sold in glass jars

Glass jars can be damaged in their journey from the manufacturer to your home

CNW – Glass jars have a long history of safe use as food containers. However, like all food packaging, glass jars can be damaged in their journey from the manufacturer to your home.

Canadians should be aware of the safety features on food packaging, including those on glass jars with metal lids, and what to look for when purchasing food and opening it for the first time.

The food in glass jars with metal lids is packaged when hot, which creates a vacuum when it cools to room temperature.

Before opening a jar for the first time, the metal lid should be flat or slightly depressed, and you should hear the vacuum seal being broken (a “pop”) when the jar is opened.

Some jars have additional safety features like the “button” on the lids of baby food jars. If the lid is raised, or you hear nothing when opening a jar for the first time, there may be quality or safety issues with the food and it should not be eaten.

Keep the following tips in mind during your next trip to the grocery store:

• Carefully examine food packaging. Be aware of the normal appearance and compare items you pick up with other similar ones on the shelf.

• Do not purchase foods in glass jars if the seal is missing or if the jar has been opened, or is damaged or leaking.

• Check for the “best before” date printed on some products, and only buy items that you will use before that date.

When opening a jar for the first time at home, if the seal has been broken or the ‘button’ is in the ‘up’ position, do not eat the contents. Take the jar back to the store for a replacement.

The most important thing to remember is: “If in doubt, throw it out!”


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